The Medical Marijuana Academy Sets New Standards for Cannabis Education

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It’s summertime in Michigan and at the Medical Marijuana Academy (MMA) students are training for a new career. Recognized as the leading source for Cannabis Education, the MMA opened its doors just four months ago in Commerce Township, Michigan. The MMA features an array of knowledgeable and courteous professors. “We present a very in depth curriculum and we have a responsibility to offer the most informative classes possible,” says academy President Derek Norman, “with our courses we are achieving that goal”.

Students have traveled to attended the MMA courses from all throughout the United States. The new college is increasing the tourism that medical marihuana is bringing to Michigan. Norman points out, “We even put together travel packages for students that visit here and Michigan is benefiting.”

Todd Alton, Professor of Horticulture for the MMA, graduated from Northern Michigan University with his B.S. in Botany. Alton offers a glimpse into the MMA classes, “it’s about optimizing growth,potency, and production on every level, they (the students) leave the MMA with a comprehensive understanding of how to succesful in this industry”. The MMA also has a selection of other classes that go beyond growing such as Business in the Industry, cannabis cooking and concentrates, advanced hydroponics, and the Law as taught by Attorney Paul C. Youngs.

The reemerging industry is so popular among Detroit residents that a proposal put forth to legalize one ounce of mairihana for adults over the age of 21 garnered enough signatures to go before the Detroit City Council for a vote. The City Council has chosen to leave it for the Voters to decide in November. “It’s obvious that this industry creates revenue for the Local and National economy,” says MMA Spokesman Perry Belcher. “All products sold and new business relating to medical marihuana are reflected in millions of dollars that Michigan needs right now and keeps those dollars domestic.”

“We’re going to keep seeing increased revenue in Michigan,” Norman states, “it’s said that the biggest goal here in Michigan is to improve the economy, and we’re proud to be doing our part.” As I’m leaving the college one thing becomes clear; there is a new found energy surrounding cannabis and perhaps this is a plant that can play an important role in balancing out economic issues. You can find out more about the Medical Marijuana Academy by visiting the college website

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Synthetic Marijuana is 100% Legal but is it Safe?

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When I saw the small plastic case on the counter of the local smoke shop I didn’t pay any attention to it. The small clear containers inside the case had cute names on them and the foil packets looked like the freeze dried worms I used to buy for my fish. Paying for my overpriced beer I noticed four or five rather anxious people standing to my left. They all asked the same thing. “Do you still have the fifty dollar deal?” and when the clerk nodded yes they all started pulling out their money. Thinking that there was some sale on cartons of cigarettes I stepped back to see what the deal was. That’s the first time I heard of synthetic marijuana. In all honesty, this can’t be called marijuana because it contains no THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Even so, it is legal to sell and purchase but if the DEA has their way, it will be banned.

It goes without saying that I am not advocating purchasing, experimenting or smoking any products mentioned in this article. Since this is something that can be purchased almost anywhere by anyone over the age of 18 there is a huge market for reselling to those under the age of 18 (with an obvious profit for the provider) there are a lot of parents out there who are completely in the dark about these products.

People that I have talked to about these synthetics have almost all said that it is a more intense high than marijuana but there are more side effects including higher levels of paranoia, restlessness, profuse sweating and abdominal cramping. Funny, I never remember any of those side effects from the less-than-legal years of my misspent youth. This all makes me wonder how far people are going to go to get high. When do you sit there and say, “You know, maybe I need to take a break from this” ‘” probably around the time when you are shoving nutmeg, dog feces and poppyseed into your bong to try and get off on it.

Prices on synthetic marijuana / incense are fairly expensive when you consider the amount that you are getting. A local distributor sells the pre-packaged containers for a set amount. One for $20.00, two for $35.00 or three for $50.00. Websites are popping up daily offering a variety of different products; you have a double risk there. You have no idea what you are getting (or if your credit card information is safe) or if you will even receive your shipment. Likewise, I should stress that if these items are banned or end up containing chemicals that are scheduled by the DEA your name could surface on a watch-list and you could get a knock at your door.Green CulturED Cannabis College

What are some of the names of the synthetic marijuana being sold in stores and online? “Posh” is by far one of the most popular but there’s also “K2”, “Fire”, “Spirit”, “Hypno”, “Fade”, “Freedom” and “Bullet”. Is it really marijuana? No. It contains no THC so it will not show up on any type of drug test. Locally it carries the nickname “probation weed” because individuals on probation who are subject to drug testing can smoke it without worrying about it throwing up a red flag.

How is it legal? Four words. “Not For Human Consumption”. Think of the diet drugs that are on the market; they carry the phrase “This product has not been evaluated by the FDA”. If something should happen to someone that makes the choice to smoke something that is clearly labeled with a cautionary warning then no one is to blame. Well, at least that is the current thought on it.

Organic marijuana (actual grown from seed product) contains TCH; the synthetic is TCH free but most are using “Cannabicyclohexanol” as a chemical additive to increase the euphoria of the ‘spice blend’. Cannabicyclohexanol is more addictive than TCH and some researchers are comparing it to Ecstasy / MDMA because of cases of depleted serotonin levels.

The DEA has taken measures to have most of the common chemicals used with synthetic marijuana and aromatic incense banned or scheduled. Of course, all a company has to do to get around that is to change the formulation. Such is the case with K2 and their new “K2 Solid Sex”. The company website,, offers all of their current products for sale providing that you are 18 or older. They have reformulated their ‘incense’ to be 50% stronger than older versions and are for sale to all States as well as international orders.

Fired Wal-Mart Employee Accepts Full Scholarship to The Medical Marijuana Academy

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COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Michigan – June 30, 2010 – A former Wal-Mart Employee, 30-year- old Joseph Casias has accepted a $2,500.00 Scholarship to attend The Medical Marijuana Academy (MMA). Mr. Casias, used medicinal marijuana as prescribed by his doctor to treat severe pain caused by an inoperable brain tumor and sinus cancer. Though his actions were in accordance with Michigan law, he was fired by a Battle Creek, Michigan Wal-Mart, based on the company’s own strict drug screening policy.
“We wanted to do the right thing,” says Derek Norman who is the CEO and also a Professor at MMA. “We saw a chance to make a positive difference so we took action.” The $2,500.00 scholarship package includes transportation, hotel, living expenses, classroom training, and equipment for medicinal growing. The Medical Marijuana Academy also plans to continue providing financial aid to qualified individuals who are in need on a monthly basis.Green CulturED Cannabis College

Casias is set to begin training in the Summer of 2010 to become a certified medical marijuana grower and caregiver. Todd Alton, a Professor for MMA looks forward to having Casias in Class, “This is going to give him (Casias) a chance to start a new career in this industry as Wal-Mart has fallen short and let him down. ”Casias, who had previously earned associate of the year honors, says he never used marijuana in the workplace or before reporting to work. “I would like to thank The Medical Marijuana Academy for this opportunity to become self-sufficient,” said Casias, voicing his gratitude as he went on to say “God bless.”

On Tuesday, the ACLU announced that it was suing Wal-Mart on Casias’ behalf. The lawsuit was filed Tuesday morning at the Calhoun County Courthouse (case # 2010-2067-CZ). In it, the ACLU claims that Casias was fired from his job at Wal-Mart illegally.

The Medical Marijuana Academy offers specialized instruction for medical marijuana patients and caregivers operating under Michigan law. Their 7,500 sq. ft. campus in Commerce Township, MI is the premiere medicinal marijuana training facility featuring spacious classrooms and labs for hands on training.